A few deep breaths

February 24, 2016 — by Matt


There’s no article this week.

I know, this shiny new post looks an awful lot like an article. It’s more of a reminder.

I find myself in one of the more stressful, anxiety-ridden weeks I’ve experienced in a while. The reasons aren’t important, but the feeling – that everything is urgent, that everything is being requested of me all at once, that the world is conspiring against any hope of peace or relief – is a feeling I’ve felt before. I’ll bet you have too.

At times like these it’s often difficult to even think about mitigating your stress. You’re too busy with the “real” things on your list, and forgoing those will only stress you out more. Meditation, solid sleep, and time alone seem like laughable propositions.

I mean, you should do those things. Your entire situation would improve, as would your outlook.

But I get it. Those things are daunting. And sometimes your mind isn’t in a place to take that much-beneficial “me” time.

So this is a reminder to just start with a few

… deep

… breaths.

Do it now. Start with three. Anyone can do three right? If it feels good, keep going. What’s it going to take, a minute out of your day?

When you feel like you’re about to snap and go Super Saiyan on the next person you see, take a few deep breaths, look around, and reframe. There’s no downside.

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