Welcome to Boring Grownups!

When we’re kids, the world, although big and daunting, is full of possibility. Creativity isn’t a unique character trait or skill, it’s a given. Our life is ours to build and shape as we see fit, and no path is blocked in our journey. Boring Grownups was created to explore the idea of keeping the concepts of possibility, creativity, and lifestyle creation strong throughout adulthood, when so many factors push us to become boring, unmotivated, and uninspired.

But what is this site really about?

Well… I don’t know. Not yet. I think it will evolve over time and this space will become more solidified. In the meantime, my vision for this site is below:

Boring Grownups is a chronicle of my journey.

I’m using this site to not only journal my own steps, triumphs, and missteps on my path to build a creative and driven life, but also exploring others who have done the same and the steps they’ve taken. I decided to start this site after some deep introspection and travel showed me that not only was I not living the life I desired, but that I had the potential to make some changes to do so (read about the origins of Boring Grownups in the link below).

It’s my goal to keep a creative and driven spirit in my life even through conflicting priorities that adulthood often introduces. I’m not exactly sure how the direction of this site will change over time, but I expect as I learn more and continue on my journey, my writing on this site will similarly evolve. I’m always open to suggestions and conversation, and would love to hear from others about their own journeys.

Where to Start:

If you’re not sure where to begin on this site, here are some recommendations (and some of my favorite articles):

Well, that was easy. I’ll update this list as I write more, but seeing as I just launched, this is all you get! Got some ideas for an article, or something you’d like to see here?Let me know!

I’m Matt

Artist. Producer. Part-time word putter-together. Phone breaker. Spiral surfer. Getting better, getting weirder.

I’m working on building the life I want, living up to my potential, and attaining freedom. And I’m chronicling my journey through this blog.

You can follow me on twitter or listen to my music on soundcloud. I post pictures and video on instagram occassionally, although I’m not great about it. And if you’ve got any questions, email me here. I’d love to hear from you.

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