Weekend Reads – September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 — by Matt

My own ideas of personal development and the genesis of this blog itself really sprang from the ideas and writing of others. In Weekend Reads I include a few articles that have spoken to me recently. I hope these provide you valuable insight and motivation.


(via Valet)

Not that we really need an excuse to continue learning or put together a plan for personal growth, but fall seems like a great time to get to work, doesn’t it? This article is a short-but-sweet embodiment of the back-to-school season of learning and growth.

I for one will be using the fall as a way to dive back into reading for pleasure on a regular basis. What will you use fall to kick-start?


(via Casey R. Fowler)

A reminder that the best first step is to just get started. This article deals specifically with the writing process, and the analysis paralysis that often accompanies writing a first draft. As Casey explains, “the first draft is always perfect, because all it needs to do is exist”.

This doesn’t just apply to writing. Our lives are a series of drafts that we continually edit. If we look at every move we make as a final draft, we’ll be too scared to do anything about it. Want to start dating? Go on a date. Want to learn photography? Take a picture. Want to learn a foreign language? Start speaking it. You can edit and refine each draft as you go along.


(via No Sidebar)

I often call myself an “aspiring minimalist” – the concepts of minimalism are extremely attractive to me but I’m not great yet at applying them. This article is a reminder about why making the choice to live simply is a step toward prioritizing what matters. It also identifies some of the forces that can easily pull us away from from a simpler life.

I’m not perfect. I get pulled into materialism and scrambled priorities. This article reminded me to approach things a little more simply for the benefit of my work, my piece of mind, and the people around me.

Any articles, books, blog posts, or podcasts that you think would benefit others? Share them in the comments below!


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